lørdag den 8. marts 2014

Queenstown here I come

In a couple of hours im on my way to Q-town- just Staying there for the night ☺️Im excited. Life in new Zealand is pretty awesome and im having the best time ever.

onsdag den 5. marts 2014

Miss sunshine

Cutest girl is the world - my new Zealand sister : 

Long flight

Me ready for 22 hours in a freaking plane.  And I had already travelled 12 hours before that and after the 22 hours flight I still had 5 hours more of travelling before i arrived in Queenstown airport in New Zealand.

History of the motorbikes

Went to the museum in Dunedin and they showed the history of the motorbike from 1900 to today. Here I am on one of them!

The life at the office in NZ

I havent posted for some time because to be honest - not much has happend these days. I spending most my day 9-17 at the office working, then i head to the gym and home to my new Zealand family and then in bed. I like it though.

Queenstown, Christchurch and Kaikoura

Yay, i am gonna travel a bit next week. Excited and cant wait to share it with you. I am going to Queenstown, Christchurch and Kaikoura for a week ☺️
If anyone have any suggestions about what to do in thosw cities - let me know.