torsdag den 10. oktober 2013

Study abroad and family

So I have not blogged for a while because so much have been going on. I am at the moment studying abroad in the US and there has just been SO much to do all the time.
Since I left Denmark I have thought a lot about my family and really realized (I also appreciated them before) how much I love my family and how lucky I have them.
So todays quote is dedicated to my family- the people I love the most in the entire world.

Family: is one word that describes those people you care for unconditionally. Through thick and thin. Family of course can be through to your blood. But most importantly it refers to a group of people who are connected by love. Truly loving somebody means having their back through thick and thin. There for the good times and there for the bad. A fierce unbreakable loyalty, and caring for those who need it. 
Family is everything!

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